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Congratulations to our 2017-18 Dance Team Members!!!

Your hard work this year has definitely paid off! Great job at auditions, we are really excited to work with you!

There is a Parents Meeting for all of the Parents of the students who have made 2017-18 Dance Team on Friday June 16th from 6-9 PM! Previous Parents will only need to stay for the first half of the meeting since the 2nd half will be geared around those new to Team! Please take all of the information gathered from the meeting and discuss it with your Families to make sure that Team is a good fit for you!  Team Confirmations/Contracts will need to be turned in by Tuesday June 20! You are able to drop it off at the Studio in the mail slot or at Dress Rehearsals to Miss Miranda Mank or Miss Patience.


Teams are seperated by color, please come to the meeting to find out what each color team is offered!


Black Team

Kendal Dockter, Alessandra Crabtree, Mckenna Mienaltowski, Marina Nelson, Maria Kuhn, Sabrina Taylor, Taylor Craft, Skylar Ladd, Mikayla Messenger, Hannah Thompson, Miranda Johnson


Black Team Understudies: Megan Bonnell, Tori Fox, Kady Cornelius


Blue Team

Megan Bonnell, Tori Fox, Kady Cornelius, Alayna Thompson, Morgan Ullrich, Kennedy Poeszat, Courtney Sabin, Maddigan Valko, Abbey Angona, Danielle Sexton, Kaylee McMillen, Sophia Goldapper, Abigail Graham, Belle Whiteherse, Eve Mourgelas, Mallory Zangara, Lilly Keurejian, Bellephia Boateng, Peyton Sabin, Riley Considine, Kathleene Mull, Jordan Fraifogl, Lilly Held, Ava Schram


White Team

Mia Stach, Ruby Ignasiak, Lily Page, Alexa Cook, Elana Obidzinski, Reese Summers, Kaelyn Faley, Sarah Burnash, Trinity Cooley, Maddie Bruss, Emily Combs, Lizzy Riddell, Alyssa Albrecht, Paige Marlinga, Madison Quail, Mia Hall, Payton Morris, Ariana Gheen, Samarra Boateng, Ashby Muzzy


Silver Team

Lilly Hall, Alexa Melicor, Kayla Garner, Reese Marlinga, Makenna Morabito



Corps de Danse

The Dance Place Ltd., has achieved national recognition in the dance industry as BOTH an excellent dance studio based on solid technique and innovative choreography, as well as having recpectful, friendly danceteams.  This terrific team work really comes from the top by example.  We are lucky to have supportive, active parents, and above all a talented faculty which give their all, teaching ediquette, values and morality through dance.


Consistent class and rehearsal attendance with positive attitudes are one of the many factors of our success.  Another is our love of dance.  Our goal is to out-dance ourselves, to take responsibility for our own progress, to maintain perspective and be the kind of dancer and the kind of person that will bring joy to our audience and those in our lives.

The Dance Place Ltd., is driven to expose our teams to all that the Dance-World has to offer going far beyond just competing.  We offer consistent in-house study with Guest Artists through frequent master classes, workshops, and conventions.  Then our teams venture into the travel reahlm of convetions & competitions, occasional Theater experiences downtown, and local performances every year. 

Dance Place Alumnae are consistant recipients of Dance Scholarships awarded by: University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Eastern University, Grand Valley State University, Oakland University, Hope College, Marygrove College, Northwestern College, and Henry Ford Community College. The DP is building our student's future! 

Our Senior and Company teams experience Bi-annual trips to study and perform in either; Cruise ships, Disney, College Dance Festivals, Workshops, Congresses and Nationals.  They have studied under the same cast members of Broadway shows and some of our high school dancers are already touring with professional dance companies! 

Amanda O'Brien:     2011-Current, Tremaine Dance Convention National Tour Company Member


Kailee Remer:         2012-2013 iHollywood Demonstrator National Tour


       2013-14 Member of Dance League,  National Representative of Tilt Dancewear


Claire Bolden:        2012-13 Blue Lake Fine Arts Dance Intensive Member

      2013-14 International European Ballet Tour Member (6 weeks abroad) Blue Lake Fine Arts


Amanda Taylor:     2012-2013 iHollywood Demonstrator National Tour


      2013-14 Recipient Western Michigan University Dance


It is our professional obligation to prepare our teams for collegiate or professional whatever they choose to pursue, The Dance Place Ltd., has prepared them to succeed.


Corps De Danse Auditions               

May and July...  Please call us for further Information. 248.666.9929

Junior Team: 6-11 y/o,  Senior Team: 12 and up,   Company Pre-Professional Study:  12 and up

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