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Congratulations to our 2019-20 DANCE PLACE TEAM members!!!  We are so very proud of ALL of our DP Students as they ALL did their best at Auditions!!! If you do not see your name on this list, please make sure to stop at the front so we are able to give you some helpful tips to get to your Team Goals in the future. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!!

*Team Members, There is an IMPORTANT Informative Team Meeting on June 1, 2019 from 1:30-3:30 PM. At this meeting you will receive all the information needed to make the decision if Team is a good fit for your Family!! You will also receive your Childs assigned Casting. If you are able to attend please send a Family member in your place…You will not want to miss this meeting!!!


Abigal Clough

Alana Plumb

Alayna Thompson

Alexa Cook

Alexa Melicor

Alyson Lefker

Alyssa Albrecht

Amy Davies

Ari Gheen

Ashley Baibak

Audrina Spencer

Aurora Manning

Ava Ralston

Ava Schram

Ava Wagner

Bailey Carley

Bella Carrier

Braiden Manning

Brianna Levitt

Kyle Wright

Kylie Rodriguez

Camila Avitia

Charlotte Ralston

Chloe Malkowski

Chloe Warren

Cici Bogus

Clara Mankowski

Danielle Sexton

Dezirae St. John

Easton Hall

Elana Obidzinski

Elizabeth Redker

Elizabeth Riddell

Ella Lindenberg

Ellie Skeide

Emily Page

Eva Lambert

Faith Mclarren Leavy

Hannah Thompson

Hollyn Laur

Isabella Clough

Isabella Reiher

Janaia Giles

Jillian Stricher

Jordan Fraifogl

Josette Bogus

Joslynn Tolonen

Kaelyn Faley

Kathleene Mull

Kayla Garner

Kelsey Smith

Kinzee Heckert

Koutlynn Dunham

Kristen Leaver

Layla Casanova

Lexi Harrison

Lilia Mojica

Lilliana Tongko

Lilly Held

Lilly keurejian

Lilly Page

Lily Hall

Lily Mann

Lily Sederlund

Lizzie Stewart

Maddigan Valko

Madeline Bruss

Madison Gorski

Madison Loriaux

Madison Quail

Makayla Marley

Makayla Vigeant

Makenna Morabito

Makenzy Marley

Mallorie Zangara

Mallory Nelson

Marin Taylor

Marlayna Dropps

Megan Berra

Megan Sroczynski

Meghan Izzo

Meredith Daly

Mia Hall

Mia Stach

Mikayla Messenger

Mila Francisco

Morgan Ullrich

Mya Moorhous

Natalia Czar

Natalie Bruss

NaTasha King

Nina Grabiec

Paige Marlinga

Payton Morris

Peyton King

Peyton Mastalinski

Reese Marlinga

Reese Summers

Rico Goldsby

Riley Considine

Riley Reigle

Rylie Keurejian

Samarra Boateng

Sarah Burnash

Sarah Redker

Scarlett Miller

Sophia Billings

Sydeney Glinka

Sydney King

Tatyana Chism

Tiana McPherson

Tiffany Brezniak

Tyler Hansen

Vanaya Hill

Zane Gheen

Zoey Hansen




The Dance Place Team

The Dance Place Ltd., has achieved national recognition in the dance industry as BOTH an excellent dance studio based on solid technique and innovative choreography, as well as having recpectful, friendly danceteams.  This terrific team work really comes from the top by example.  We are lucky to have supportive, active parents, and above all a talented faculty which give their all, teaching ediquette, values and morality through dance.


Consistent class and rehearsal attendance with positive attitudes are one of the many factors of our success.  Another is our love of dance.  Our goal is to out-dance ourselves, to take responsibility for our own progress, to maintain perspective and be the kind of dancer and the kind of person that will bring joy to our audience and those in our lives.

The Dance Place Ltd., is driven to expose our teams to all that the Dance-World has to offer going far beyond just competing.  We offer consistent in-house study with Guest Artists through frequent master classes, workshops, and conventions.  Then our teams venture into the travel reahlm of convetions & competitions, occasional Theater experiences downtown, and local performances every year.

Dance Place Alumnae are consistant recipients of Dance Scholarships awarded by: University of Michigan, Wayne State University, Western Michigan University, Eastern University, Grand Valley State University, Oakland University, Hope College, Marygrove College, Northwestern College, and Henry Ford Community College. The DP is building our student's future!

Our Senior and Company teams experience Bi-annual trips to study and perform in either; Cruise ships, Disney, College Dance Festivals, Workshops, Congresses and Nationals.  They have studied under the same cast members of Broadway shows and some of our high school dancers are already touring with professional dance companies!

Sarah Ivory: Dance for Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships, Disney World Orlando, Tokyo Disney, Anti-Gravity Orlando

 Kara Brody: Wayne State Dance Scholarship Recipient, Principal dancer, Professional Dancer in Chicago

Amanda O'Brien: Tremaine Dance Convention National Tour Company Member, Dance Dept. University of Arizona

Claire Bolden:  Blue Lake Fine Arts Member of the International European Ballet Tour Blue Lake Fine Arts, Purdue University

Amanda Taylor:  iHollywood Demonstrator National Tour Recipient Western Michigan University Dance Program Scholarship

Taylor Webb: Grand Valley Dance Scholarship Recipient.


It is our professional obligation to prepare our teams for collegiate or professional whatever they choose to pursue, The Dance Place Ltd., has prepared them to succeed.


The Dance Place Team Auditions              

May and July...  Please call us for further Information. 248.666.9929


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