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Special Offer--- Preschool Coupon




  • Multiple class & family discounts!
  • Boys dance at a discount*!
  • Our classes reflect the industry standard! (National Assoc.Sport and Physical Ed.)
  • Affordable Quality Costumes


Class Length: National Association for Sport and Physical Education  NASPE

The Dance Place Ltd., gives you MORE for your Money!

50-Minute Recreational Program Classes!

50, 90 & 120-Minute Acceleration Program classes!


 Family Discounts Monthly Tuition
50 Minute 1st class  $52 per month
50 Minute 2nd class  $45 per month    
50 Minute 3rd  class $39 per month    
50 Minute 4th class $34 per month
50 Minute 5th class $30 per month
50 Minute 6th class $27 per month
40-Min. Pre-School Ballet 1 $30 per month
45-Min. Pre-school Ballet 2 $40 per month
Boys 11 & under, $30 month Tuition! Additional discounts/NA


Quarterly Pre-Payment Discount

After initial September payment, 3 Month Discount: $9 off per Quarter...Payment must be made on or before the 1st of each Quarter.

1st Quarter: Oct-Dec    2nd Quarter: Jan-Mar    3rd Quarter:Mar-Jun


Non-Tuition & Short Take Sessions

DP Fit Class Cards: 4/classes…$25  8/Classes…$47

 6 wk Sessions Ballroom: $60/Single, $90/Couple,  6-50min classes.

 Mommy & Me, Preschool-Ballet, Dance Camp, Short Take Session

 (Session rates vary according to class length, see... Short Take Sessions


Quinceanera/Wedding Dance Packages:                                                                                

Private Instruction Specific to Client Request and Professional Choreography.         

$150 3- 50min lessons, $250.00 5-50min lessons,  $500 10-50min lessons



  • ABSOLUTELTLY NO FOOD or DRINK on carpeted areas.  (this includes parents too)
  • The Dance Place Ltd, is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Please, No Gum at our Dance School...Thank you!
  • Students are only allowed inside classrooms with instructor supervision.
  • Once class is in session, no interruptions please! Door stays closed.
  • Student Lounge; Is a Peanut-Free zone.  Plastic-Recycle and Trash cans provided, please clean up after yourself.
  • Students will wait inside the building for parents-pick up....we are very safety conscious.
  • Waiting room: Parents are welcome to stay & observe class via, classroom monitors.
  • Siblings in waiting room/student lounge, must be supervised by their parent.
  • Vandalism will result in student expulsion.
  • Public Display of Affection (PDA) is inappropriate for a children's dance school.
  • Parents are not required to stay at The Dance Place Ltd, while your child is in classes, as long as you're certain your child will not need your assistance.
  • Dress Code is Mandatory.  1st infraction will be excused and noted, Repeated infractions: Student may observe only.
  • If you wish to speak with your child's instructor, leave a detailed message and contact info at the desk, you'll be contacted after hours. 
  • You will be charged for tuition unless we are notified via a "Drop Request" form available at the desk or online (Home Page forms tab)
  • Absence: Class Make-ups are required within 30 days.  3 absences with no-notice, no-show, no make-up, will effect your childs student status.
  • The Dance Place Ltd. will not issue refunds for, but not limited to: programs, classes, sessions, camp, and/or costumes.
  • Tuition is due the 1st of the Month, Late Tuition will incur late fees: $15/30 days, $25/60 days.  Student dropped/90 days....$35 reinstate fee.
  • Class placement is determined by the Professional Dance Instructors taking into account: Age, Experience, Skill, Participation, Interaction, and Communication.




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