Just had to write you a note to tell who how wonderful Friday night's(and I am sure every night) Dance Recital was.  You have not lost your touch.  Your Recitals have always been works of art--with the variety of dances, costumes,the themes.  And the Hitsville opening was more than spectacular!!

As I watched the children dance, it brought back wonderful memories of my (now adult) daughter's many years at the Dance Place. And watching my granddaughter up on that stage was more than amazing.

Kudos to you for a job well done.  And thank you for the wonderful programs you offer all your students.

Happy Grandparent (2nd Generation at the DP)

We have been at the studio for about 8 months now, and I just wanted to wouch base with you and tell you how happy we are at The Dance Place.

I personally think you are a "class act", and I really apprecialte your values and the way you run the studio.  We finally feel that we have made a great fit for our family and one that will continue as long as our daughter wants to dance. 

The way you and your teachers interact and teach the students is the best I've seen.  You make it fun, seroius, and a learning environment all in one. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the kids, as well as making sure the parents are involved and organized.

Happy Mom Amber 3-23-14

I want to express my deepest gratitude for a wonderful year at The Dance Place.  We live in a negative world and it's just nice to hear how appreciative you are.  I'm so very happy that you accepted our daughter (onto CDD) with open arms and continue to challenge her to be the best dancer she can be.  Being at The Dance Place has been an incredible blessing for us. 

Seeing our daughter's progression has been amazing.  I can tell you're working really hard with her.  And I know she loves being there.  It's night and day compared to the lst place.  

Happy Dad Trevor 6-30-14

I cannot express how grateful we are to everyone at The Dance Place for providing a wonderful dance education, as well as a loving, nurturing environment for her (our daughter) to learn in.   We truly love being a part of The Dance Place family, and will hopefully continue to do so for many more years.

Happy Mom/Dad Lisa/Steve 6-29-14

It's been wonderful this past year for both of us...  I am amazed at the progress she has made!  Whether it was giving it her all during the Performance Class gigs, Recital or the daily dance party in our living room; I have noticed a huge difference in the way she moves and how she incorporates what she has learned in classes into her "shows".  I often see her giving the same instruction she received to ther friends when they are "making up dances" in the yard!  Giving credit where credit is due...Jess & Brianna are great teachers! 

Happy Mom Sam 7-2-14

As a parent I am impressed with both you and the Dance Place.  As you know we have been at 1 other studio before and there is no comparison.  From a logistic and tactical perspective you are so organized, so detailed it is amazing.  BUT the biggest difference is the way that you honestly care about the kids and want to teach them more than dance.  It is obvious that it is your goal to teach them life-long skills and that is wonderful.


Happy Mom Bridgette 7-1-14

Congratulations on an absolutely fabulous recital and dance year! Please know how much your time, talent and passion is appreciated.  Everyone works so hard all year long and it shows.  It is one thing to like dance, be able to dance, like to work with kids, etc., etc.  But everyone in your studio  pulls it together in a way that makes The Dance Place a wonderfully successful family.  You make everyone feel special,  regardless of age, interest, or ability.  You love to dance, you love kids, and you pull it all together for everyone.  Keep up the great work!

Happy Mom Lisa 6-23-14

Just picked my daughter up from hiphop class at the new studio…what a great decision to move to The Dance Place… its going to be a great year!

Happy Mom 9-11-13

I just wanted to drop a quick note after my daughters first class last night....  SHE LOVED IT! After just one night, I was so impressed by the teachers eye for detail and the way she watched all the students.  I also appreciated that you had two older girls helping in the class.  My daughter really wants to be prepared to make the team next year, so I am happy to see the eye for detail offered in class by your teacher!!
Thank You! 

Happy Mom 9-6-13

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