Recreational Dance

Dance Season: with Annual Recital Production

We offer a progressive dance education over our Dance Season, (simular to a school year) and finish the year on a high note...our Annual Spring Recitals. These classes provide continuous and accumulative dance education with classes starting in the Fall.

Registration is ongoing... please call for more information.

We have over 100 classes offered a week. To see the class(es) available  for your child's age, go to our registration page and view our schedule.

Short-Take Sessions: Non-Performing

Just enough to prepare students for the next step or simply to give them a taste of dance. We offer several styles of dance at various ages. It's tons of fun & perfect for introducing youths to the Dance Classroom.

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Ongoing Registration can be done at any time during office hours, for sessions: or simply contact us 248 666-9929 or email us at [email protected]

Annual Spring recitals

Our students perform in a quality Performing Arts Center where every seat is a perfect view...and our students can show off their talent and passion.

The Dance Place Ltd. Performances have been equated with "Broadway Production Standards" year after year! Our Goals are to provide our dancers and families with a production of which they can be proud. It is about how we may serve our clients....we bring our "A" game!

Performing opportunities: Full Dance Season/Fall enrollment Required

Through weekly study, our recreational dancers progress at their own pace, accumulating both knowledge and experience to be utilized in our Spring Recital Shows! Beautiful costumes, age appropriate choreography and quality instruction make our dancers feel good about themselves, and our parents, glad to be part of The Dance Place Ltd.!

Preschool Ballet (Age 3 - 4)

Our preschool program incorporates the basics of ballet with the dynamics of dance through games appropriate to the dancer’s age. Including: stage direction, rhythm and coordination, dancer anatomy and vocabulary. We ask our preschool dancers to bring a “baby” (small doll or stuffed animal) to every class, which starts as their comfort companion, transforms into their dance buddy, and ends up as their audience. We camouflage the learning with fun!

Ballet (Age 5 - Adult)

The Dance Place offers quality instruction in both Checchetti and Russian methods and terminology. Classical Ballet, Character Ballet, and Lyrical Ballet are all incorporated in our instruction. Advanced levels are available to our more accomplished ballet students.

Pointe (Select Ballet Students)

It is an extension of their ballet study, for those who qualify. Advanced-level Pointe students perform in every show of our annual end-of-season dance recitals.


Contemporary dance embodies ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. It uses a technique such as ballet as its fundamentals and creates many more movements that do not adhere to the strict rules of ballet and modern. There are different categories of contemporary dance such as Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary Jazz.

Technique (Age 8 - Adult)

This class concentrates on turns and progressions, jumps and leaps, and body conditioning. It is for children with a desire to reach advance level classes and/or dance/pom teams.

Tap (Age 5 - Adult)

This department offers tap technique and terminology in a variety of styles including rhythm tap, Broadway tap and percussion tap. The Dance Place also offers unequaled study in Tacit and Acappella.

Jazz (Age 7 - Adult)

The Dance Place's extensive jazz department is unparalled in its teaching of both contemporary jazz and classic jazz. Our students' training includes the latest in lyrical, contemporary video, funk, Latin, Broadway, and musical theater styles. Beginning, intermediate and advanced levels all receive precise technical instruction on the on the cutting edge in a high-energy atmosphere.

Hip-Hop (Age 7 - Adult)

The Dance Place proves Hip Hop can be fun and age appropriate! This Class is available as a year-long fun and up-beat class, based on the hip-hop/current forms of dance.

Dad’s Dance (6-session free program - Lots of fun!)

Congratulatory Presentations (5, 10, 15-Consecutive-Year Students)

Non-Performing Opportunities: Year-round enrollment-Short Take Sessions

6 Classes offered periodically in Mommy & Me, Preschool, Dance Camp, Ballroom, My Ability Dance (for children with disabilities) throughout the year.

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Ballroom Dance

The traditional ballroom dances are broken into two major styles, American and International. American Style is mainly danced in the United States, and is grouped into two different styles; Smooth and Rhythm. Our Ballroom classes will include selections from :

American Rhythm: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Mambo, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Merengue, Hustle

American Smooth: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango & Viennese Waltz/Private Instruction Only

In its most basic form, Ballroom is partnered dance where one partner is designated the lead and the other is designated the follow. Although many couples sign up together, it is not necessary to be "a couple" Foot-loose and Fancy-free Singles are more than welcome!

* Comfortable clothing suggested, either leather or suede smooth soled shoes.

Wedding Dance - specific to client requests

A wedding is an extraordinary event that celebrates the union of two unique individuals for life. Because it is such a special occasion, you want the occasion to be incredibly and indelibly etched in your lifetime of memories. And what better way is there to create the perfect memory of your wedding than through dance? Whether you have a special song in mind or a special dance, or even if you have no ideas...we will help you make a memory for a lifetime. It can be anything you want; a traditional and elegant dance or a unique contemporary will be tailored to your preference.

First Dance

For your first dance as husband and wife, choreograph a unique wedding dance that will please and awe your guests with the help of outstanding and qualified instructors.

Father/daughter dance

Show dad how much he means to you-get lessons to fix his two left feet with teachers who will make him and you look like pros.

Mother/son dance

Let mom know you care-make her feel like a million as she sweeps around the floor in your arms with lessons from experienced and able instructors.

Bridal Party Bonding

People are often shy and unsure when they meet others and this is transmitted into the wedding ceremony-let us give his guys and her gals a chance to bond that can only enhance your big day by providing fun lessons that will create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere...not to mention the riotous fun on the dance floor!

General Dance

Show the people in your life that you care; by providing lessons from excellent and capable instructors that will make them feel and look good on the floor as they dance the night away!

Call to: Schedule Private Lessons, Discuss Options/Preferences,

Comfortable clothing suggested, either leather or suede smooth soled shoes.



The Dance Place is: Studio to Happy Children and Home to Professional Dancers!